Gasket and Rubber Custom Die Cutting with Kelcut

Precision Gasket Die Cutting and Custom Component Manufacturing Services

Fire Hydrant GasketKelcut Gasket and Rubber is the industry leader in high-quality die cut gaskets. The Kelcut experts manufacture many gaskets out of many different material types including polyethylene gaskets. Kelcut's die cut gaskets, pressure sensitive adhesives, and custom assembly components are unmatched in today's market. Our dedication to detail, coupled with our strict adherence to customer provided specifications, guarantees a quality die cut product capable of meeting and exceeding the needs of even the most exacting circumstances and requirements.

From die cut gasket prototype development services to custom designed assembly component production, Kelcut Gasket and Rubber delivers all your manufacturing resources under one roof. Kelcut provides honest, fair pricing and accurate quotations on production and shipment times. Our complete dedication to providing unbeatable customer service and the utmost quality for our die cut gaskets makes Kelcut the perfect choice for all your die cut component needs.


Die Cut Manufacturing

Contact expert die cut gasket manufacturers at Kelcut for the most reliable custom gasket design, component fabrication and slitting fabrication services or call 262-548-9700 for more information.

Custom Die Cut Gasket Design and Prototyping

CutA gasket is an integral factor in keeping production machinery or engines operating smoothly. A high-quality shock absorbing, fluid and gas containing die cut gasket makes all the difference between smoothly operating machinery and total production breakdown.

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber, your number one source for exceptional quality die cut gaskets, specializes in providing custom gasket die cutting, designing, and prototype development services for both large volume production runs, small order OEM companies, and aftermarket companies. No matter how big or small the order, Kelcut Gasket and Rubber can handle the job.

Kelcut die cut gaskets are available in a wide variety of custom shapes and sizes and can be fabricated from either customer supplied materials or with Kelcut’s extensive inventory of gasket manufacturing materials.


Slitting, Component Fabrication, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Application Services 

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber has no limitations for producing high quality die cut gaskets. We also offer multiple forms of slitting manufacturing services and custom product fabrication capabilities. Whether you need your custom production components hand cut or machined with high-quality die cutting equipment, you can trust in the experts at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber to create the perfect component every time.

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber also offers exceptional pressure sensitive adhesives application services. Our decades of experience with adhesive products for multiple applications means our adhesives experts know the perfect adhesive for every project. From kiss cutting to adhesive backed gasket production, Kelcut provides unbeatable pressure sensitive adhesives products.

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Foam Safety Padding Strips

Foam Safety Padding Industrial

Keep your workplace and employees safe with the addition of Kel Cushion foam safety padded strips.

Our pressure sensitive adhesive allows you to attach padded industrial safety foam to low hanging beams and machinery. Sharp corners and other unnoticed safety hazards can be safely padded, keeping workplace injuries at a minimum.

Available in solid yellow, or black and yellow stripes, our Kel-Cushion safety padded strips are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. The long lasting adhesive allows for repositioning as needed.

Our industrial foam safety padding strips are available in bulk or on an as-needed basis.

Increase workplace safety with foam safety strips from Kelcut Gasket and Rubber. 

Custom Die-Cut Rubber

The process of die-cutting rubber involves punching sharp blades (the dies) into large sheets of rubber, with specific shapes and dimensions. Kelcut offers customers a wide variety of rubber types, perfect for nearly any gasket application, across a wide variety of industries. With over 40 years of experience manufacturing high quality, precision die cut gaskets, Kelcut has earned its reputation as an industry leading manufacterer. We have helped industry professionals across various fields, ranging from aerospace to pharmesuticals. Our wide range of rubber materials includes:

Our highly trained staff can create the exact gasket you need. Kelcut offers fast turn around times, low costs and consistently superior products.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Contact Professional Gasket Die Cutting Experts

Contact the professional gasket die cutting, slitting, component fabrication, and pressure sensitive adhesives application experts at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today to discuss how our high-quality gasket manufacturing and assembly component production services can benefit your business, enhance your products, and increase your bottom line.

Contact the gasket die cutting specialists at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today for innovative custom die cutting solutions or give us a call at 262-548-9700.

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