Die Cutting Fabrication Frequently Asked Questions

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber provides the best die cutting services for a variety of materials.The Best Resource for Die Cut Manufacturing

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber provides years of experience in die cut gasket manufacturing, gasket fabrication and gasket slitting services. We provide the best die cutting solutions for a wide variety of industries like automotive and manufacturing companies. 

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber provides the best die cut rubber gasket services on the market. We offer extensive experience and knowledge of the die cutting industry to provide unbeatable custom gasket manufacturing services. The die cut gasket fabrication experts at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber believe in the quality of their products and will happily answer any and all questions concerning our high quality die cutting fabrication services and pressure sensitive adhesives applications. Our manufacturing and design capabilities are second to none and, coupled with our complete commitment to total customer satisfaction, die cutting customers can rest assured knowing they will receive the highest quality gaskets and components possible.

Customer satisfaction and going above die cutting industry standards is our number one priority. We take pride in educating our customers on die cutting to provide them with the best components for their business. Read the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about our gasket die cutting services and gasket materials. If your questions are left unanswered, do not hesitate to contact us. Our die cutting specialists will answer any questions you may have.

Contact the die cut gasket manufacturing professionals at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today for the best customer service and superb die cut component manufacturing capabilities available in today’s market.

Q: What Types of Dies Does Kelcut Use for Your Assembly Components and Gasket Manufacturing Services?

A: Kelcut uses steel dies for our gasket die cutting services.

Q: Does Kelcut Offer any Industrial Safety Padding Products or Services?

A: Yes! Kel-Cushion, an industrial safety padding product produced by Kelcut, is a high quality industrial foam padded safety strip perfectly suited for placing on common bump points or hazardous edges. Kel-Cushion is offered in an eye-catching bright yellow or the universally recognize black and yellow hazard striping and features 3/8” foam padding, 2” and 4” width options, and is 36” in length.  Contact the padded safety stripping experts at Kelcut today to inquire about our high quality foam padding services and products.

Q: What Types of Materials Can be Cut with Kelcut Dies?

A: There are a wide variety of materials and substrates which can be die cut. This includes plastics, foams, rubber, cork, paper, fibers, Nomex, felt, fabric, and leather. Kelcut carries many of these vital gasket and assembly component manufacturing materials for use in our die cutting and fabricating services.

Q: Does Kelcut Offer Kiss-Cutting for Your Pressure Sensitive Adhesives?

A: Yes. Kelcut offers kiss-cutting services for a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesive applications. Kiss cutting is very beneficial for many different industries and uses, especially high volume assembly lines and commercial products. Kelcut provides kiss-cutting for many pressure sensitive adhesives products. Contact the adhesives experts at Kelcut to discuss how our kiss-cutting services can benefit your product or business.

Q: Does Kelcut Provide Waterjet, Flash and Laser Cutting Services?

A: Yes. Kelcut provides unbeatable waterjet, flash, and laser cutting sourcing services capable of meeting all your production needs.

Q: Does Kelcut Offer Prototype Development Services?

A: Yes. The gasket design and development professionals at Kelcut can work with the most demanding requirements and restrictions to create a viable prototype for almost any application. Contact the professional gasket prototype developers at Kelcut today to inquire about our unbeatable prototyping services.

Q: Does Kelcut Offer Custom Design Services for Your Die Cut Gaskets, Films, Fabrics, Foams, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives?

A: Yes. The majority of Kelcut customers come to us with custom design requirements for their gaskets and assembly products. Our professional custom gasket design engineers work closely with all of our customers to design and implement a high quality prototype and product every time.

Q: What Industries does Kelcut Serve?

A: Kelcut services an incredibly diverse array of industries, ranging from engine manufacturers and industrial machinery fabricators to assembly component production companies, safety equipment manufacturers, and everything in between. Contact the professional die cut gasket experts at Kelcut today to discuss what our excellent services can do for your products and your company.

Q: What Materials Does Kelcut Use for Your Rubber, Foam, and Fabric Die Cut Gaskets and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives?

A: Kelcut offers gaskets in a wide range of materials, giving gasket users a multitude of choices in thickness, density, hardness and durability. Our fabrication materials include, but aren’t limited to: Paper Products Nomex and Nomex Composites Natural, Synthetic and Composite Rubbers A Wide Variety of Plastics and Plastic Blends Sponge and Cellular Foams High Quality Felts and Fabrics Cork, Cork Composites, and Cork/Rubber Industrial and Commercial Grade Leather

Q: Does Kelcut Have a Minimum Order Size Requirement for Your Die Cut Products?

A: No. The gasket and assembly component manufacturing experts at Kelcut will work with any size production run. From single component prototype design and development services to rollouts with hundreds of thousands of products, Kelcut can and will handle your assembly component and gasket production requirements with the professionalism and attention to detail we’re known for.