Padded Safety Foam Protects Employees

Kel-Cushion Adhesive Foam Safety Strips

Kel-Cushion padded safety strips prevent potential injury from sharp wooden corners. Padded safety stripping safeguards homeowners and guests from bumps and scrapes by covering overhangs, beams and sharp edges. Kel-Cushion padded safety tape features a long-lasting pressure sensitiveadhesive backing. Kel-Cushion foam safety strips are easy to install and reposition.If you're off center, Kel-Cushion padding can bere-applied to even the roughest surfaces. The corner cushion tape is also backed by a vibrant black and yellow pattern to alert people to the potential hazard.

From small homes to large businesses, theKel-Cushion foam safety strip will protect you. For samples, orders, or retail questions, contact the padded foam safety strip experts at Kelcut today at 262-548-9700