Kel-Cushion Striped Padded Safety Strips

Adhesive Foam Padding for Edge Protection

Cover sharp edges, overhanging ledges, and hazardous surfaces with Kel-Cushion, the high quality foam safety strips fabricated by the padded safety products specialists at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber, Inc. Kel-Cushion is designed to prevent unnecessary employee injuries while making your workspace safer. Kel-Cushion is offered in solid colors and the universally-recognized symbol for hazards: yellow and black striping.

Kel-Cushion safety padding is fabricated with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing capable of being removed and reapplied several times with no adhesion problems. Kelcut offers pressure sensitive adhesive application services for gaskets, custom fabricated assembly components, and more. Trust in Kelcut Gasket and Rubber’s reputation for excellent services and quality craftsmanship.

Contact the Kel-Cushion safety padding manufacturers at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today at 262-548-9700 for the best industrial safety padding products available in today’s market.