Adhesive Die Cutting Product Fabrication

Die Cut Adhesive Pad Manufacturing

Adhesive die cut pads are perfect for sticking phones, music players, GPS devices, keys, and other small items in any convenient place.  Kelcut die cuts Tree Frog silicone adhesive pads in our precision die cutting facility. The pictured blue transparent pad firmly holds handheld electronics in place and allows easy removal without any sticky residue. These pads are perfect for car dashboards, boats, and treadmills.

Silicone adhesive pads are carefully engineered for optimal adhesion characteristics. This innovative material combines a stable yet pliable tack with adhesive retention.  Tree Frog Pads prevent dropped and damaged electronics day after day and perfectly maintain adhesion even after washing.

Contact the die cut silicone manufacturing professionals at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today for high quality die cut products across a wide range of commercial industries.