Foam Die Cutting Press

Die Cut Foam Safety Strips from Kel-Cushion Eliminate Workplace Hazards

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber’s foam die cutting capabilities are extensive due to our expansive knowledge base and high capacity fabrication machinery. This continuous feed press is one example of our high quality precision die cutting presses. Manufactured by Bruno, this industrial die cutting machine produces accurate cuts every time.

Kelcut Rubber and Gasket utilizes this machine press to manufacture Kel-Cushion, our line of excellent safety foam padding. Kel-Cushion uses specially formulated foam to mitigate workplace hazards from protruding edges, low door frames, overhanging staircases, and any other potential impact sites. These bright yellow and black foam strips have adhesive backing for easy installation on any hazardous surface. Prevent bumps, bruises and other workplace injuries with a Kel-Cushion from Kelcut Rubber and Gasket.

Contact the foam die cutting professionals at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today for the best safety products and gasket manufacturing anywhere.