Die Cutting Press

Custom Die Cut Components Fabrication Machinery

Partnering with a professional die cutting company can make all the difference between shoddy assembly components and dependable, high quality die cut gaskets and products. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber, your number one choice for exceptional die cut components, utilizes a wide range of precise die cutting equipment to fabricate assembly components, gaskets, and seals for many different industries.

This Bruno continuous feed automatic press is primarily used to fabricate Kel-Cushion, the unique protective safety foam padding product manufactured by Kelcut Gasket and Rubber. Kel-Cushion is a great product for protecting you, your employees, family members, and visitors from potentially dangerous surfaces and equipment. Cover sharp corners, overhanging machinery, low doorframes, low hanging edges, and any other hazardous location with Kel-Cushion. Kel-Cushion is fabricated with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing, meaning you can apply the Kel-Cushion to one area, remove it, and reapply to any area you choose.

Contact the die cut component fabrication experts at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today for more information on our die cutting capabilities and what we can do for your company.