Foam Slitting and Fabrication

Die Cut Material Slitting Fabrication Services

Years of experience and a dedication to providing the highest quality product make Kelcut Gasket and Rubber your number one choice for unrivaled slitting fabrication services.  Our custom die cutting experts provide top quality slitting fabrication services for a wide range of materials.  Our straight line cutting specialists’ in depth experience with these materials provides Kelcut with the knowledge of their properties to bestow unsurpassed accuracy in each and every slitting fabrication service we provide.  From crush cutting for thick polyester foam to shear slitting paper, our slitting fabrication specialists provide the highest quality slitting fabrication services.

Our straight line cutting experts will precisely follow your specification, ensuring superb quality and accuracy.  Whether you require rotary slitting, crush cutting, razor slitting or a custom slitting fabrication solution, our decades of straight line cutting experience guarantees first class service and complete customer satisfaction.

Learn more about our slitting fabrication service capabilities by contacting the straight line cutting experts at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber.