Non-Asbestos Garlock High Pressure Gasket

Garlock Gaskets for High Pressure Fluid Containment

Industries which utilize high pressure fluids for daily operations, such as oil, lubricants, and chemicals, require superb quality gaskets capable of withstanding fluctuating pressures and continuous use. The precise and demanding requirements of the oil and gas industry are a great example of a group in need of thoroughly reliable high pressure, fluid containing gaskets.

This image showcases a before and after example of a custom die cut Garlock gaskets designed for high pressure usage. Garlock gaskets are noted for their ability to withstand high pressures on a continuous basis while maintaining complete leak protection. Whether your company is utilizing your custom Garlock gaskets for fluid containment or high pressure fluid movement, depend on the best custom die cutting service providers: Kelcut Gasket and Rubber.

Contact the Garlock gasket die cutters at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today for more information on our high pressure fluid gasket fabrication and die cutting capabilities.