Kel-Cushion Safety Strips

Foam Safety Padding Corner Protection with Kel-Cushion

If you’ve ever thumped your head on a hard edge, or had an employee injured by an overhanging ledge, you will certainly appreciate the benefits Kel-Cushion foam safety strips have to offer.  This Kel-Cushion was placed at the top edge of a truck topper to prevent banged heads while entering and exiting.  Kel-Cushions from the padded foam safety product experts at Kelcut Rubber and Gasket feature the universally recognized black and yellow striping, denoting a hazard area. 

Kel-Cushions are applied with pressure sensitive adhesives, making them easy to apply, remove, and reapply in another location based on your needs.  The foam safety product experts at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber offer a wide array of applications for pressure sensitive adhesives.  Decades of adhesive manufacturing and application experience ensures Kelcut Gasket and Rubber experts will present you with the perfect adhesive solution for your needs.

Contact the padded safety foam specialists at Kelcut Rubber & Gasket today to make your workplace safer for everyone.