Safety Padded Foam Strips Cover Hazardous areas

Adhesive Foam Safety Padding for the Workplace

Kel-Cushion padded foam safety strip protects employees, customers and passers-by, getting their attention with a bright, eye catching safety design. The Kel-Cushion padded safety tape comes in a variety of sizes to warn and protect people from injury. Whether buying cushioned safety tape in response to a bruised shin or bumped head, or just taking preventative steps against potential future injuries, Kel-Cushion hazard tape offers you protection from dangerous overhangs, support beams, and corners. Our padded safety tape hangs tough with a durable pressure sensitive adhesive backing capable of clinging to even the roughest surfaces. Our corner cushion tape can be adjusted without issue if you misapply the pressure sensitive adhesive foam tape on your first try.

Kel-Cushion padded safety strips can be purchased for home, business, and commercial use. For individual strips, bulk factory supply, or peggable retail supplies for hardware and home improvement stores, contact Kelcut today: 262-548-9700