Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Silicone Die Cutting

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Dashboard Pads

Tree Frog Pad non slip dash mats utilize Kelcut’s pressure sensitive adhesive to provide an innovative solution for keeping phones, mp3 players, GPS units and countless other accessories in place with superior sticking power.  Cutting edge pressure sensitive adhesives from Kelcut feature unique bonding characteristics allowing for easy repositioning while maintaining ample tackiness.  The dash mat application pictured demonstrates the quality of Kelcut’s pressure sensitive adhesive with two accessories sticking nearly vertically to this yacht’s dash.

Kelcut’s offers a number of custom die cutting solutions for a limitless variety of applications.  Our die cutting specialists have years of experience with a wide variety of materials ensuring your fabrication needs will be fully met with the best material for the job.  From custom die cut silicone with pressure sensitive adhesive backings to paper, Nomex, plastic or rubber gasket fabrication, Kelcut has the top of the line facilities and expert employees to meet and exceed all your custom die cutting needs.

Contact the die cutting fabrication specialists at Kelcut Gasket & Rubber to learn more about our custom die cutting materials and pressure sensitive adhesives applications today.