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The #1 Die Cut Gasket Manufacturing Service

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber is the best source for quality die cut rubber gasket manufacturing, gasket fabrication and gasket slitting services on the market. We serve a broad range of industries from automotive to manufacturing. Kelcut offers gasket manufacturing services customized to fit your entire die cut component needs.

Available in a wide variety of custom sizes and shapes, Kelcut Gasket and Rubber's die cut gaskets can be fabricated from customer-supplied materials or with our own extensive inventory of gasket manufacturing materials like rubber, fabric, Nomex and plastic. From large volume full production runs to die cut gasket design and prototyping services, we have the experience, equipment, and dedication to provide the highest quality assembly component fabrication services available.

Our news section is updated frequently so be sure to check back often for important die cut gasket news and updates!

Die Cut Manufacturing

Contact the die cut gasket manufacturing experts at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber for customized gasket design, component fabrication, and gasket slitting services.

  • What is the Difference between Open and Closed Cell Foam?

    Choosing the right type of Foam Gasket for your Application Open and closed cell foam gaskets have many uses across a variety of industries, and both have distinct properties. Open-cell foam is softer, because the cell walls are broken. This allows air to fill the extra space in the material. Compared to closed-cell foam which is available in varying degrees of hardness. The cell walls are not broken and are filled with gasses, which can support a significant amount of weight. Open-Cell Foam... Read More

  • Industrial Foam Safety Padding Products

    Keep your Facility or Workspace Safe with Foam Safety Padding Many industrial facilities require foam safety padding strips in noticeable colors to protect workers from bumps and bruises. At Kelcut, we manufacture Kel-Cushion, a black and yellow striped foam safety strip with a pressure sensitive adhesive back for easy application. This sticks to nearly any surface, including: Wood Concrete Metal Stone Walls The adhesive forms a strong bond, but is also repositionable. Our foam guards... Read More

  • Adhesive Backed Gaskets

    What are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Gaskets? Pressure sensitive adhesive is becoming more popular on gaskets and industrial foam safety padding products. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber has been producing high quality custom rubber gaskets and foam safety padding products for a variety of industries for over 4 decades. There are various types of adhesive products, most commonly: Rubber Based Acrylic Based Silicon Based The die cut gasket manufacturers at Kelcut have the experience, skill and ... Read More

  • Cork and Nomex Gasket Manufacturing

    Custom Die Cut Gaskets Kelcut Gasket and Rubber specializes in die cut gaskets for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Gaskets are an extremely critical component for production in many industries including telecommunications, agriculture, automotive and food and beverage. High quality gaskets ensure liquid will not leak from your machinery, reducing your manufacturing and repair costs.  Kelcut carries a wide variety of gasket materials including paper, rubber, Nomex, cork... Read More

  • Leather, Fabric and Paper Gasket Manufacturing

    Custom Die Cut Gaskets Kelcut Gasket and Rubber provides die cut gaskets of various materials ranging from paper, cork, leather, felt. Some industries which use our fabrication and die cutting services include telecommunications, medicine, food and beverage manufacturing. Die cut gaskets are extremely important to use for production and assembly of products.  Implementing gaskets prevents liquids from leaking out of machinery. The type of material you need depends on your industry, budget ... Read More

  • Quality Die Cut Plastic Gasket Manufacturing

    Custom Die Cut Plastic Gaskets Kelcut Gasket and Rubber manufactures custom die cut plastic gaskets for a wide variety of applications. Plastic is a popular gasket material because it is efficient and resists environmental damage to produce superior die cutting results. Some of our most commonly used plastic materials include Mylar, Nylon, Film, Teflon and Plastic Shim for applications such as electronic instruments, insulators and spacers. Our die cutting experts will help you pick the ideal ... Read More

  • Dependable Die Cut Foam Gaskets

    Quality Die Cut Gaskets -  Kelcut Gasket and Rubber manufacturers specialize in die cut gaskets of superior quality. We tailor to your specified measurements, material and finish. Our die cut gasket specialists will discuss various material and manufacturing options, and provide free price quotes to meet your needs. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber doesn’t charge a fortune for custom die cut gaskets, giving you a cost-efficient way to protect your machinery. Our die cut foam gaskets refor... Read More

  • Die Cut Rubber Gaskets from Kelcut

    Quality Rubber Gaskets - The professional die cut rubber gasket manufacturers at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber are the leaders in custom component manufacturing.  Our custom die cut rubber gaskets are designed to your exact specifications and are manufactured with extreme attention to detail to provide you with exactly what you need.  We can machine cut or hand cut rubber gaskets to produce the best rubber gasket on the market. Die cut rubber gaskets are used for a wide variety of applica... Read More

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Silicone Pads

    Kelcut Fabricates Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Silicone Pads - Non-slip silicone die-cutting mats are commonly used on clipboards to secure iPads, phones, GPS units, calculators and more. The TreeFrog Dashboard sticky pad holds your digital accessories without letting them slip and break yet allows you to conveniently pick them up and take them with you. The TreeFrog surface secures items in place without permanently attaching anything. Some great uses include holding your phone in place on yo... Read More

  • Gasket Materials for Seal and Insulation Manufacturing

    Die Cut Gasket Materials from Kelcut Gasket & Rubber - Gasket materials can be a bit intimidating. When you need a large supply of die cut gaskets for your business, it’s easy to get lost discerning each specialized application. However, now is finally the time to relax. Our die cutting and gasket fabrication material experts are excited to lay it all out for you. If there are any manufacturing materials we don’t offer, our professionals will be more than happy to accommodate yo... Read More

  • Kel-Cushion Foam Safety Padding Hazard Tape

    Kel-Cushion Foam Safety Padding - Foam safety strips are used in many industrial workplaces for padding sharp and low hanging objects. Work hazards cost both employers and employees time and money. Kel-Cushion foam safety padding protects workers from being injured. Employees injured at work are required to take time off to recover, generating expensive health bills and labor downtime. Kel-Cushion adhesive safety strips prevent employees from being injured at work due to sharp or low hanging ... Read More

  • Die Cut Rubber News Section Launched

    Rubber Die Cut Gasket News and Updates - Kelcut's Die-Cut Manufacturing News page is here, providing you with the best up to date die cut gasket information. Frequent updates in the latest on gasket cutting technology is shared to give you the information you need to know about die cut gaskets. Expert advice on die cut gasket material solutions keeps your vehicle and machinery running. Professional die cut gasket manufacturers at Kelcut have over 40 years of experience, making us the most tru... Read More