Adhesive Backed Gaskets

What are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Gaskets?Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesive is becoming more popular on gaskets and industrial foam safety padding products. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber has been producing high quality custom rubber gaskets and foam safety padding products for a variety of industries for over 4 decades. There are various types of adhesive products, most commonly:

  • Rubber Based
  • Acrylic Based
  • Silicon Based

The die cut gasket manufacturers at Kelcut have the experience, skill and dedicated staff to deliver high quality products for your facility.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Rubber Based Gasket Adhesives

Rubber based adhesives offer excellent tack and strong adhesion. Rubber based adhesives also bond well to nearly any surface quickly and easily. It’s one of the most cost-effective gasket adhesives available. Rubber doesn’t do as well as other adhesives in extreme heat, and possesses an average resistance to chemicals, UV damage and oxidation.

Acrylic Based Adhesives

Acrylic based gasket adhesives are generally able to be re-positioned, because they have a low initial bond strength, which builds over time. It stands up well to chemical, UV and oxidation exposure – even in temperature extremes. Acrylic adhesives are more costly when compared to rubber based adhesives.

Silicone Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Silicone based adhesives are best in applications which are constantly exposed to temperature extremes (-80° to +450° F). Silicon is the most expensive of the three adhesive types and it has the lowest adhesion level. Silicone adhesives tend to be used in the aerospace industry due to their incredible temperature resistance.

Industry Leading Die Cut Gasket Manufacturers

Kelcut provides customers with high quality, precision cut gaskets for nearly any industry. We offer many products including:

These components are made of the highest quality materials, available in single units, small quantities and even large, bulk orders. Our experience, skill and design capabilities have made Kelcut Gasket and Rubber an industry leader in die cutting, pressure sensitive adhesives and component fabrication services.

Contact the die cutting specialists at Kelcut today. 
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