The Benefits of Custom Gaskets

1. More Precise than Pre-Made Gaskets 

One reason custom gaskets are superior to pre-made production-line gaskets is that they are measured precisely for your machine or device to give you the most optimal fit possible. At Kelcut, we make Chloroprene, Silicone, EPDM, and many other gaskets customized for your machinery down to the micrometer. These micro increments matter when you’re dealing with fluctuating compression between two mating components. The smallest micro fraction off can cause a fluid or gas leak, and that means your gasket isn’t doing its job. Kelcut Custom Gaskets always do their job.

2. Saves Time & Money

Pre-made gaskets may seem quick & easy, but they are far more fragile & unreliable than custom gaskets and will need adjustments or replacements over time. Custom Gaskets rarely fail, they have incredible longevity because they are built to handle your industry specifications. Building your gasket to match your industry is crucial. Manufacturers in the automotive industry will require weatherized rubber for window sealants. Manufacturers in agricultural industries may want viton rubber to protect from chemicals and fertilizers. Without these custom gasket properties, your gasket won’t last long. Kelcut Gasket & Rubber makes custom gaskets for your industry to increase its longevity, and save you money.

3. Manufacturers Work Directly With You

At Kelcut we build gaskets custom-made for every manufacturer. Your machinery or device isn’t the exact same as another manufacturer’s, so it wouldn’t be beneficial to get the exact same sealant. Kelcut works directly with all customers to provide the most optimal gasket for its job. We know that material selection is just as important as the gasket itself, that’s why we work with all types of gasket materials. We specialize in popular material types like Polyethylene, Nylon, Foam, Leather, and any type of rubber, but if your material isn’t listed just let us know, we’re happy to make gaskets out of customer provided materials.

Contact Kelcut today to order custom die cut gaskets for any application.

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