Kel-Cushion Foam Safety Padding Hazard Tape

Kel-Cushion Foam Safety Padding -

Foam Safety Padding Strips for Sharp EdgesFoam safety strips are used in many industrial workplaces for padding sharp and low hanging objects. Work hazards cost both employers and employees time and money. Kel-Cushion foam safety padding protects workers from being injured. Employees injured at work are required to take time off to recover, generating expensive health bills and labor downtime. Kel-Cushion adhesive safety strips prevent employees from being injured at work due to sharp or low hanging equipment.

Kel-Cushion foam padding for sharp edges is essential for home and industrial applications. These padded foam cushions are designed to create safer operating conditions. Padding for wooden staircase edges prevents workers from harm while working under stairs. Wooden corners are very sharp and can cause serious head trauma if foam safety padding is not applied. Any area with low hanging equipment, sharp corners, or crawl space causes injury to employees. Foam safety strips by Kelcut fit over sharp edges for the safest working environment.

Adhesive Padding Strips for Workplace Safety

Adhesive foam safety padding from Kelcut is great for a variety of surface types and locations. Kel-Cushion sticks to wood, concrete, metal, stone, and walls, reducing their injury potential. These versatile adhesive safety strips protect employees and homeowners from any hazardous sharp area. Pressure sensitive adhesive makes our foam strips quick and convenient to install or remove. Adhesive foam padding can be easily detached and replaced for multiple uses. Kel-Cushion foam safety strips can be reused, taken off for realignment, or relocated to another surface. These foam safety strips are long lasting and form to even the most difficult angles or rough surfaces. Kel-Cushion foam safety padding by Kelcut is reliable and tough.

Kel-Cushion safety strips provide foam padding for sharp edges in homes and businesses. Kelcut offers high quality foam safety padding for sale to contractor supply, hardware stores, or OEM businesses. Sturdy black and yellow foam safety strips are excellent for spotting overhangs to avoid injury. Our foam safety padding is 3/8” thick, 2” or 4” wide, and 36” long. Pressure sensitive adhesive backing on foam strips allow the padding to be moved around and reused. Kel-Cushion sharp edge foam padding by Kelcut is guaranteed to be versatile and safe.

Contact adhesive safety foam manufacturers at Kelcut to order a high quality Kel-Cushion today.
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