Die Cut Butyl Rubber Gasket

Air Tight and Durable, Butyl Rubber is a Popular Gasket Seal for Tires

Butyl rubber gaskets create airtight, gas impermeable seals, and are exceptionally resistant to acids and alkali. They were initially used almost exclusively in the automotive industry for tire inner tubes. Now, butyl rubber gaskets can be found in a variety of industrial applications.

Superior weathering and ozone resistance make butyl rubber gaskets a popular choice in the automotive and aerospace industries. Airtight sealing properties also make it ideal for the food industry, keeping items fresh for longer.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Butyl rubber has a heat tolerance ranging from -40°F to 180°F, and meets ASTM D 2000 – M1AA 407, 507, 607, 707 standards. It has a hardness of 40 -70 durometer, Shore A.

  Butyl Gasket Material Specifications
Material Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber (IIR)
Tempterature Range -60° to 250° F
Tensile Strength In the 1000 PSI range
Resistant To: Ozone, chemicals, acids, alkalis and abrasive materials
Affected By: Petroleum oils

*Values Vary By Grade*

Pressure Sensitive Gasket Backing

Butyl rubber is available in a wide variety of thicknesses, with pressure sensitive adhesive backing available. Standard thicknesses of butyl rubber ranges from 1/32” to ¼” thick. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber can custom make butyl rubber gaskets specific to your application. Depending on the use of the gasket, you can elect to have industrial strength acrylic or rubber pressure sensitive adhesive backing applied to your gaskets.

Superior Butyl Rubber Gaskets from Kelcut Gasket Manufacturers

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber is an industry leader. We produce high quality rubber gaskets for a wide variety of industries across the country. We use only the best materials to ensure our customers receive the best products in the industry.

Our gasket manufacturing professionals expertly design and craft each gasket. We then subject each gasket to rigorous quality control testing. Fast turnaround times and cost-effective prices have make Kelcut the go-to for rubber gasket manufacturing.

Contact the butyl rubber gasket manufacturing professionals at Kelcut to order custom, airtight gaskets.