Cloth Insert Rubber Gaskets & Seals

Variety of CI Rubber Gaskets for Diverse Applications

Standard rubber gaskets can be found anywhere from your dishwasher to your car to your computer and everywhere in between.

Cloth insert rubber gaskets and seals feature a similar rubber core, but are reinforced by sheets of fabric. This fabric is usually nylon, neoprene, or another flexible, non-flammable cloth. Cloth insert rubber gaskets are much stronger than standard rubber gaskets and are used in more intense applications like regulators, water pumps, or aliphatic hydrocarbon systems.

Die Cut Manufacturing

The rubber used in cloth insert gaskets varies depending on the application, but most feature a form of synthetic rubber which can deform to uneven surfaces while maintaining superb tensile strength.

Kelcut readily die cuts cloth inserts of various grades and thicknesses for custom applications. We cut cloth insert rubber between 0.0625” and 0.2500” thickness. Kelcut will create a job specific custom die cut from a variety of materials for prototyping and manufacturing.

Cloth Insert Rubber Gasket Varieties and Applications

A variety of cloth insert rubber gaskets are available depending on the intended use. Cloth insert neoprene rubber is best suited for meters, regulators, diaphragms, and other applications where minimal oil resistance or gas transfers are required. For hydraulics where water, air or low pressure steam pass, engineers trust cloth insert SBR red rubber gaskets. Cloth insert NBR nitrile gaskets withstand oil, caustics, and aliphatic hydrocarbons like methane, propane or butane. Kelcut will work with you to find the right cloth insert rubber for your application if you are unsure which material is best suited for your needs.


Neoprene Rubber

SBR Rubber

NBR Nitrile

Temperature Rating

-20 to 180 F (-28 to 82 C)

-20 to 170 F (-28 to 76 C)

-20 to 170 F (-28 to 76 C)

Tensile Strength

1100 PSI

600 PSI

800 PSI


0.0625” to 0.2500”

0.0625” to 0.2500”

0.0625” to 0.2500”





*Values Vary By Grade*

Kelcut Custom Manufactures Application Specific Die Cuts

Kelcut has been developing application specific die cut gaskets for leaders in the electronics, automotive, communications, plumbing, and manufacturing industries for over 25 years. We readily handle prototyping and manufacturing of custom die cut gaskets for countless applications. Our engineers work with you to ensure you get the perfect gasket to fit your needs.

Contact the cloth insert rubber gasket manufacturing experts at Kelcut Gasket & Rubber to develop a custom solution for your product!