Custom Die Cut Cork Gaskets

Kelcut’s custom cut cork gaskets make great gaskets for due to their lightweight and damage resistant properties.  They are strong, sturdy, virtually indestructible, and boast a wide range of different attributes that make them ideal for a variety of different industrial purposes.  Kelcut is a proud supplier of custom designed and manufactured industrial gaskets.  Depending on the application, we make out gaskets from a wide variety of different materials, including:

Our custom cork gaskets are great, safe, non-asbestos alternatives that are dependable and reliable gaskets whose rigid design has developed a reputation for excellence.

Benefits of Cork Gaskets

Natural cork gaskets are great for the automotive, aviation, materials handling, and a collection of other commercial applications.  They are great in high heat and pressure situations, and are relatively resistant to chemicals, acid, fungus, and extreme weather.  Cork gaskets are abrasion resistant, perfect for withstanding some of the harshest elements, and when combined with a synthetic material they perform well in situations involving oil or caustic chemicals.  Kelcut’s state of the art machinery and die cutting process allows us to intricately shape and form complex gasket designs that are hand-tailored specifically for your individual needs.  We are able to quickly and accurately produce your gaskets so you spend less time waiting on us.

Kelcut Manufacturers Synthetic Gaskets

Our cork gaskets are specifically designed to prevent leaks, and are easily molded and cut to form a custom design that is perfect for whatever you need.  They successfully eliminate any unnecessary vibration noise and friction, and because cork is so affordable they are economically feasible gaskets that provide a great alternative to heavier duty materials.

For cork and other custom die cut gaskets, contact a Kelcut representative today!