Craft Felt Gaskets

Get Die Cut Felt and Fabric Gaskets from KelcutCraft Felt Gaskets

Craft felt is a very versatile, condensed material used for gaskets in a wide variety of industries. Felt gaskets and seals are often used for vibration and sound dampening, and for machinery often used for cushioning. Craft felt gaskets come in many different ways, shapes, and forms – no matter what shape, size, color, density, or style you want your felt gaskets in, the experts at Kelcut can make them for you to your exact specifications. 

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Die Cut Manufacturing

Die Cut Gaskets Made by the Wisconsin Fabrication Experts

No matter if you want craft felt gaskets, or you’re looking for some other type material to fabricate your gaskets with, the professionals at Kelcut are here to help. We offer gaskets and seals with or without pressure sensitive adhesives, and we even offer cutting and slitting services to ensure your gaskets and seals are made to your exact specifications. 

We offer a wide variety of materials for die cut gasket manufacturing, including:

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