Double Sided Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Kelcut Offers High Quality Double Sided PSAs for Every Application

Pressure sensitive adhesives create a strong bond or barrier when light pressure is applied. Unlike other industrial tapes PSAs require no solvents, water or heat to activate the adhesive, making them a clean and easy solution for an industry application.

Double Sided PSAs are perfect for bonding to both smooth and textured surfaces. For sealing, cushioning, mounting or joining Kelcut has the pressure sensitive adhesives you need.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Wide range of industries use double sided PSAs including: 

  • HVAC 
  • Automotive
  • Contractors & Construction
  • Photo & Sign Mounting 
  • Product Assembly
  • And More

Kelcut Provides Adhesive Solutions for Industrial Applications

Our gasket and adhesive experts will determine the best material for your specific industry and application needs. By examining the temperature, exposure to elements and level of sealing required we can confidently recommend a double sided pressure sensitive adhesive or gasket perfect for your exact needs.

The double sided PSAs stick best to metals, sealed wood, paper, cardboard and acrylic paint. The professionals at Kelcut Gasket & Rubber have over 30 years’ experience creating custom gasket materials for a wide range of applications. 

Contact the double sided PSA manufacturers at Kelcut today to get a quote on our professional services.