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Die Cut Felt Gasket ManufacturingFelt and Fabric Die Cutting Capabilities

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber supplies exceptional custom felt die cut gaskets for a variety of industries. Felt is a versatile matted wool material which features superior cushioning capabilities in high heat environments. Felts have long been used in industrial applications, such as mining and manufacturing, because of their exceptional ability to hold lubricants and fluids while maintaining a protective seal. Die cut felt gaskets also provide an inexpensive and durable gasket perfectly suited to a diverse range of applications.

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Die Cut Felt and Fabric Gasket Manufacturing Materials Include, But are Not Limited to:

We offer a wide variety of felt gasket materials to suit any industry. Wool felt die cut gaskets are ideal for applications requiring a lightweight and resilient gasket. Our wool felt gasket material forms a strong bond when hammered and steamed.Felts and fabrics can also be used as packing, strips, washers, and spacers for many different industries. These materials can also be used as anti-vibration pads, shock absorbers and air filters to reduce machine vibration by up to 85%. Felt and fabric packaging materials provide the support necessary for moving delicate products and components while providing your company with the peace of mind knowing your product will arrive safely. Kelcut offers a wide variety of felt and fabric products for all your gasket and component manufacturing needs.

Choosing the right gasket material is important for preventing machinery leakage, ensuring maximum production and reducing machine down time. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber offers a wide assortment of gasket materials including, but not limited to, foam, leather, cork, paper and Nomex. We are known for our superior customer service, unbeatable selection of gasket materials and expert prototyping services.

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