Felt, Wool and Synthetic Material Gaskets

High Quality Gaskets Made from Felt Materials

The experts at Kelcut fabricate a wide range of gaskets for industrial purposes, including gaskets made from felt, wool and synthetic material. These types of products can be mechanically pressed into different densities and thicknesses, according to your exact needs, and each material has a certain amount of moisture absorbency for maximum optimization. These materials are comprised of many layers, making it solvent resistant and highly absorbent of water, oils and chemicals. 

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Die Cut Manufacturing


Die Cut Gaskets Available at Kelcut

Kelcut Gasket & Rubber has had decades of experience manufacturing gaskets for industries all over the country. We fabricate all our die cut gaskets to the best industry standards, and no matter what type of material you need your gasket manufactured, our team of professionals can help. Get in touch with us today and we’ll give you a quote on whatever type of felt, wool or synthetic gasket you need.

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