Die Cut Foam Gasket Manufacturing Materials

Die Cut Open and Closed Cell Foam

Die Cut Foam Gasket and Insulation ManufacturingKelcut Gasket and Rubber manufactures high quality foam die cut gaskets for multiple industries and applications. Our gaskets prevent machinery from leaking to maximize productivity and greatly reduce machine downtime. Foam products come in a wide variety of forms, including sponge and cellular foams, and cover an extremely diverse range of fabrication materials. Die cut foam gaskets also provide unique sealing qualities due to their ability to be compressed and reform.

We offer both open and closed cell foam to suit the needs of your industry. Closed cell foam construction has trapped gas bubbles of medium density. These gaskets are ideal for applications where gas and liquid shouldn’t pass through. The open cell foam gaskets have interlocking cells which seal out dust and air, but allow gas and liquid to pass through.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Foam Gasket Applications

Foam is often utilized as an environmental seal, such as weather stripping and door edging, and works as an excellent padding material for industrial applications. Foam products are also great for shock absorption, noise and vibration damping, cushioning and insulation purposes.

We can manufacture foam gaskets in a large selection of tolerances, appearances, materials and finishes which are perfectly tailored to your industry’s needs. Our knowledgeable gasket manufacturers will help you choose the correct specifications for your industry.

Industrial Safety Padding

Kelcut utilizes our high quality foam padding for our Kel-Cushion industrial safety product line. Kel-Cushion safety strips have a unique pressure sensitive adhesive on the back to allow for repositioning and stay in place for long periods of time. This safety padding can also be placed on extreme angles and rough surfaces.

Contact the die cut foam gasket fabrication experts at Kelcut Gasket and Rubber today to discuss our custom designed gasket manufacturing capabilities.

Sponge and cellular die cut foam manufacturing materials include, but aren’t limited to:

Closed Cell

Open Cell


Custom Die Cutting Foam Solutions from Kelcut Gasket and Rubber.