Garlock Blue-Gard Gaskets

Asbestos Gasket Alternatives

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber is proud to announce we offer Garlock Blue-Gard Gaskets as a proven, safe alternative to traditional asbestos gaskets.

In this day and age, we now know one thing: asbestos is bad.  In fact, it’s extremely bad.  With a proven increase in cancer rates, as well as a multitude of other health hazards, there has been an industry boom in safe products designed to replace essential components that were formerly constructed from this poisonous material. 

Garlock Gasket Specifications

Garlock Blue-Guard 3000 series gaskets are made out of aramid fibers.  These decades-old synthetic fibers have extremely high levels of heat resistance and provide increased torque retention, making them perfect for a variety of industries. 

Automotive, military, aerospace, and other areas of business requiring large amount of heat resistance are all perfect candidates for Garlock Blue-Gard Gaskets. 

In addition Blue-Gard Gaskets are compatible with oils, gasoline, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and water.  This effectively turns these gaskets into a multi-functional seal that is perfect for a plethora of commercial services.

Why Choose Kelcut Gasket & Rubber

Our custom gaskets grant our customers with an opportunity to choose gaskets of a precise material thickness to coincide with their particular needs.  Currently, there are few available businesses offering Garlock Blue-Gard Gaskets.  They offer the exact same products as Kelcut, made of the exact same materials that serve the same identical purposes as we do.  So, if this is the case, what makes Kelcut the best choice for your hard earned dollars?

Our years of industry experience combined with an irrefutable, documented list of personal customer satisfaction both speak for themselves.  We stand behind our products, work closely with our customers to satisfy their personal design requirements, and as a sign of our humbleness we have no minimum order size.  We don’t cater simply to the big guys.  We offer our services to anyone who could use our assistance.

Contact custom gasket manufacturers at Kelcut Gasket & Rubber for information on our Garlock Blue-Gard Gaskets.