Grafoil Gaskets

Non-Asbestos Gasket Manufacturing

Grafoil gaskets, unlike those made out of synthetic fibers, are constructed from high quality, 100% grafoil graphite.  These gaskets genuinely are the first of their kind.  Because they are composed entirely of graphite, a soft form of carbon commonly used in many industrial processes, they offer phenomenal resistance to corrosion, caustic chemicals, and heat.  Grafoil gaskets can be used for a variety of different applications and are utilized for a wide range of different industries.

How Grafoil Gaskets they Work

Grafoil gaskets utilize the chemical and physical properties of graphite to function in some of the harshest of conditions.  Graphite gaskets, which are often reinforced with some form of stainless steel, are extremely malleable and highly resistant to heat.

These qualities make grafoil gaskets capable of providing an extremely strong seal that can survive the harsh elements from most industrial machines and factories.  Other brands of lower grade flexible graphite simply do not stand up to Grafoil. 

Grafoil graphite offers more resistance to metal pitting, natural corrosion, and is an all-around superior product.

Where Should Grafoil Gaskets Be Used

Not every situation is ideal for the use of grafoil gaskets, and some of Kelcut Gasket and Rubber’s other custom gasket materials may prove to be a better option.  Refineries, power plants, and areas where extremely high temperatures pose an issue are specifically what grafoil gaskets were designed for.  Graphite gaskets have extremely low mechanical strength that can limit it in certain undesirable situations

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