Hypalon® Gaskets

Hypalon® Rubber Gaskets and Seals from KelcutHypalon® Rubber Gaskets

Hypalon® is the trademarked name for chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber widely used to make gaskets in the construction, petrochemical and automotive industries. Hypalon® is almost completely resistant to UV and ozone exposure, and will not degrade or become brittle with long-term exposure to sunlight. It’s occasionally used as an alternative to neoprene since the material is flame resistant.

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Die Cut Manufacturing

Weather Resistant Die Cut Gaskets from Kelcut

Hypalon® is one of the most weather-resistant elastomers available on the market today. In addition to its extreme UV and ozone damage resistance, it’s also resistant to abrasion, oil, water, and most chemicals and acids. Low moisture absorption and high dielectric strength make Hypalon® a great material when manufacturing folding kayaks and inflatable boats. 

Hypalon® does NOT perform well in:

  • Ethers
  • Aldehydes
  • Ketones
  • Esters

However, it does outperform many other materials in:

  • Acids
  • Silicone 
  • Oil and Grease
  • Water
  • Alkalis
  • Refrigerants

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber fabricates high performance die cut Hypalon® gaskets for a variety of industries nationwide.

  Hypalon® Gasket Material Specifications
Material Chloro-sulfonyl-polyethelene
Temperature Range -31° to 257° F
Tensile Strength In the 1400 PSI range
Resistant To: Acids, onzone, fat, grease, oil and solvents
Affected By: Concentrated oxidizing acids, hydrocarbons, ketones and esters

*Values vary by grade*

Die Cut Rubber Gasket Manufacturing Professionals

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