Heavy Duty Mylar Gaskets for Commercial Machines

Mylar is a synthetic, clear, polyester-based material that is growing in popularity in the industrial field.  It is commonly used as an insulated coating, in solar filters, space blankets, protective plastics, and more!  Mylar’s versatility makes it a great material for gaskets, and we can custom cut and manufacture it to match a whole host of different specifications.  Mylar gaskets are great electric insulators, relatively chemical resistant, abrasion proof, and will create a long lasting seal that will not leak.  It also functions as a fantastic odor and gas barrier, making it an all-around top notch gasket material for almost any possible application. 

Mylar Custom Designed Gaskets

One of Mylar’s greatest assets is its aging properties.  While other gasket materials become brittle, damaged, and eroded over time, Mylar remains in relatively stable condition.  In addition, Mylar products have a low moisture absorption rate, and are resistant to heat, chemicals, and electricity.  Our gaskets are custom designed and die cut by our staff specifically for you.  This means that you achieve a superior seal that is built to last.   We make our specialty gaskets from a wide array of different materials, including:

Our custom cut gaskets are trusted by businesses everywhere, and our staff of highly knowledgeable industrial materials experts will work with you directly to find the gasket that is right for your specific purposes.

Die Cut Mylar Gaskets Provide Superior Seals

Our manufacturing process allows us to create die cut Mylar gaskets with a level of precision that has never been seen before.  We are able to intricately machine, gouge, cut, and mold almost any shape and size of gasket that you have in mind, and this allows us to hand tailor your product specifically for your business.   

For more information on any of our available gasket materials, feel free to contact a specialist at Kelcut today!