Natural Open Cell Sponge Rubber

Open Cell Sponge Rubber for Cushioning and Sound Dampening

Natural open cell sponge rubber gaskets are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications where cushioning and shock absorption are required, especially where there is repetitive use. Applications include expansion joints, low-pressure gaskets, and vacuum lifting seals. Natural open cell foam is also used for sound management components, vibration damping, and high-temperature insulation in many industries including automotive, aviation, and construction.

Natural open cell sponge rubber is available five density levels ranging from soft to extra firm. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber can provide your industry with custom cut open cell sponge gaskets or padding in any density you need.

Open Cell Sponge Offers High Resilience and Durability

Natural open cell foam rubber can withstand a wide range of temperatures and is very weather resistant. Open cell sponge rubber works well for seals because it can handle different degrees of compression and movement within a gasket while remaining functional. A long product life, excellent shape memory, and the ability to quickly recover its original form after compression make open cell foam rubber a great value.

Natural open cell sponge rubber is not the right choice when resistance to water or other fluids is necessary. Its open cell structure means it is absorbent and will allow air, gas, or liquids to pass through it. Natural open cell sponge is also highly flammable.



Open Cell Sponge Rubber Material Specifications


Natural open cell sponge

Temperature Range

-40° to 160° F


RO11 (soft), RO12 (medium), RO13 (medium firm), RO14 (firm), RO15 (extra firm)

Resistant To:

ozone, UV rays, fungi, oxidation

Affected By:

oil, lipids, acids, alkalines, solutions and dissolvers, fire


Dependable Natural Open Cell Foam Gaskets from Kelcut

Kelcut has been producing reliable, quality gaskets since 1985. We support a wide range of industries with highly accurate custom die cut gasket manufacturing and prototyping services.

Our gasket fabrication specialists will listen to your industry-specific needs and create a natural open cell foam rubber gasket custom cut for your application, with quick turnaround times.

Contact the foam rubber gasket professionals at Kelcut for superior die-cutting and custom component manufacturing.