Nomex Composite Gaskets

Nomex Composite Gaskets Offer Unparalleled Resilience

A non-woven honeycomb composite fiber, Nomex offers superior strength, stiffness, toughness and corrosion resistance than comparable materials. Made by the DuPont Corporation, Nomex has been favored for flame resistance for the last thirty years. While Nomex Composite is often seen in aerospace applications due to its impressive strength to weight ratio, it has seen increased use in gasket applications because of its excellent bonding properties.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Specialty Gaskets Designs from Kelcut

The experts at Kelcut have manufactured custom die cut gaskets for over thirty years. Our expert fabricators produce gaskets for every industry using state of the art materials. Whether you need a single component, or thousands of units, Kelcut will engineer a die cut rubber, paper, Nomex, plastic, foam, cork, felt and even leather gasket to your exact specifications.

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