Nylon Gaskets

Nylon is a Versatile Solution with Excellent Sealant Properties

Nylon is a silky, thermoplastic material and is the most commonly used synthetic polymer. Nylon gaskets, which are also known as nylon washers or packers, can be manufactured into virtually any shape. From simple circle or square designs to more complicated custom applications, nylon is an excellent, economical choice.

Nylon gaskets can be used across a variety of industries from automotive and aerospace applications to pharmaceutical. They feature excellent resistance to corrosion and compresses under pressure to form a high quality seal. Nylon is typically available in nylon 6-6 or nylon 6. Nylon 6-6 is more commonly used due to its high melting point.

  Nylon Gasket Material Specifications
Material Synthetic polymer
Temperature Range -65° to 275° F
Uses Applications requiring abrasion resistance, oil and grease resistance, fuel and chemical resistance, and mold and mildew resistance


Die Cut Manufacturing

Reliable 6-6 Nylon provides Extreme Heat Resistance

Nylon gaskets can be manufactured to a variety of thickness levels ranging from .5mm to 10mm thick. We manufacture nylon 6-6 gaskets, which feature high mechanical strength and good stability even in extreme heat conditions, up to 510 degrees Fahrenheit.

This heat resistance makes them popular for use in machine parts and electro-insulating elements. It also has a good resistance to most oils and greases and will not be affected by various molds or fungi.

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber Manufactures Die Cut Gaskets

For over 25 years, Kelcut has been manufacturing dependable, high quality die cut gaskets and various other assembly components. We provide customers with superbly fabricated die cut gaskets and custom assembly component fabrication across a wide range of industries.

From large load orders to small single part orders, our team of professional gasket fabricators will deliver exactly the part you need on time and in budget.

Contact the die-cut nylon gasket professionals for incredible service on all your sealant and machinery needs.