Open Cell Silicone Foam Gaskets

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When you need open cell silicone gaskets manufactured by top industry professionals, Kelcut Gasket & Rubber is the way to go. Our gasket technicians manufacture gaskets and seals from a wide variety of materials, including silicone foam. Open cell silicone foam in particular is a raw compound which is heat cured and expanded into a soft material often used for cushioning, dust sealing and water sealing applications.

Silicone material has a wide firmness range, meaning users can easily find the best material for their particular need.


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Material Polydimethylsiloxane
Temperature Range -67°F to 392°F
Tensile Strength 30 (207) PSI
Resistant To: UV, ozone, water, corrosion

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The professional gasket manufacturers at Kelcut can help you find the best silicone gasket material for your particular application. Our specialized fabrication capabilities as well as our high quality services makes Kelcut Gasket & Rubber the best possible choice for silicone gasket manufacturing services.

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