Open Cell Sponge Gaskets

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Open cell sponge natural rubber is an ideal material for gaskets in most industrial and commercial applications. They are useful when packaging materials needing to be cushioned or have to absorb shocks, and since open cell sponge rubber is resistant to most chemicals, moisture and oxidation, it is often useful for food packaging applications.

When your business is in need of high quality open cell sponge rubber gaskets for packaging purposes, the professionals at Kelcut can help you out. We manufacture a wide variety of sponge rubber gaskets for all types of industries, and we can help you with your gasket application.


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  Open Cell Sponge Material Specifications
Material Natural Rubber
Temperature Range -40° F to 160° F 
Tensile Strength 30-175 PSI
Resistant to Acids, Bases, Oil, Oxidation, Moisture and Ozone
Affected by Fire, extreme weather

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