Polyether Foam

Polyether Foam Gaskets for Industry

Kelcut is a proud designer and manufacturer of highly sophisticated polyether foam gaskets.  Polyether foam is a great gasket material that is versatile, and perfect for a whole host of different commercial applications.  It is great for noise reduction, fire retardant, anti-static, and is relatively resistant to corrosion and harsh elements.  Foam has been used industrially as a weatherproofing material and artificial sealer, and Kelcut recognizes its outstanding ability to act as a premium gasket material.  What makes polyether and other foams unique is that due to their adhesive qualities they can be securely placed in odd angles and positions where other gaskets might fail.   

Adhesive Foam Gaskets by Kelcut Gasket and Rubber

We currently custom design, produce, and build industrial gaskets that are hand-tailored to our clients' individual specifications.  In addition to polyether foam, we also produce gaskets from an assortment of different materials, including:

We thoroughly research and test all of our products, and our staff of highly trained manufacturing materials experts will be able to assist you in choosing the right material for whatever you have in store.  We supply our die cut gaskets to a wide variety of industries, and companies everywhere have grown to rely on the level of quality that Kelcut has to offer.

Benefits of Polyether Foam Gaskets

Both polyether and it’s cousin material polyester foam are quite useful in industrial settings. They excel in areas of abrasion resistance, malleability, extreme temperatures, and can be produced to the client’s desired hardness.  Unfortunately, they tend to become extremely weak at extremely low temperatures, and tend to perform below average when it comes to oil resistance.  However, polyether has excellent shock absorption qualities and tends to perform well under intense pressure.

Not sure if polyether foam is the right gasket for you?  Contact a Kelcut associate for more information today!