Poron Foam Gaskets & Seals

Poron Urethane Gaskets Provide Versatile Resilience on Mobile Loads

Poron foam is a urethane based microcellular (cells are 100 microns) material used in gasketing applications, and has seen use in automotive, medical, footwear, and other industrial products.

Poron foam is resilient and durable; it can handle up to 25% deflection and still maintain pressures of 90 psi, making it ideal for vibration dampening applications. Poron foam is used in high heat environments since it is a natural flame retardant (UL-Listed).

Kelcut Gasket & Rubber can easily die cut Poron foam in a wide variety of grades and thicknesses, custom made for your applications. We provide custom die cut Poron foam between 0.012” and 0.500” thickness. We will die cut Poron foam for any application in your industry. 


Poron Microcellular Foam Provides Diverse Insulation

Engineers prefer Poron foam when they need insulating gaskets for communications, automotive, medical, athletic, and electronic products. Poron foam’s ability to maintain 90 psi at 25% deflection makes it ideal for vibration and sound dampening applications. Its high compression rate allows it to withstand long term gasketing and is well suited for energy absorption.

Poron foam exhibits good chemical resistance, allowing it to accept a wide variety of adhesives. It also acts as an excellent thermal insulator, withstanding temperatures between -40 F (-40 C) to 194 F (90 C). Able to resist chemicals, heat, high impact, and accept most adhesives, Poron foam is a popular choice for engineers in need of a versatile foam gasket.


Poron Foam Specification


Urethane Foam

Temperature Range

-40 F (-40 C) to 194 F (90 C)

Flammability Specifications

Meets UL HBF and MVSS 302 specifications

Thicknesses Available

Between 0.012” and 0.500” (0.43mm and 12.7mm)

Modulus Range

2-90 psi @ 25% deflection

*Values vary by grade*

Dependable Custom Gaskets

Kelcut Gasket & Rubber has produced high quality die cut foam gaskets for countless industries for more than 25 years. Leaders in the automotive, municipal, electronics, packaging, and manufacturing industries rely on us for production and prototyping services. We work with clients to develop a custom die cut solution for their applications.

Contact the custom Poron foam gasket experts at Kelcut for unmatched die cutting prototyping and manufacturing.