SAE Wool Felt

Pressed Wool Felt Gaskets Fabricated for Your IndustrySAE Wool Felt Gaskets

Industries all over the United States use pressed wool felt for numerous reasons - any gaskets needing shock absorption, noise reduction, and moisture absorption often use wool felt for their particular applications. Pressed wool felt is identified through SAE standards, meaning the felt is manufactured to required engineering specifications. 

SAE standard felt is specified by the wool content, density, and other physical properties:

  • SAE F-1: hard-density felt, good for oil-retention
  • SAE F-2 and F-3: high-grade felt, slightly lower density than F-1
  • SAE F-5, F-6, F-7: high-to-medium grad felt, resilient and durable
  • SAE F-10 and F-11: high-grade, medium-to-low density, good for oil-retention
  • SAE F-13 and F-15: low density, abrasion-resistant, durable, good for oil-retention
  • SAE F-26: good for packing and packaging, not used for mechanical purposes
  • SAE F-50: high-grade, high-density felt, good for weight-bearing applications and oil-retention
  • SAE F-51: high-grade, high-density felt similar to F-3, typically used in gasket applications
  • SAE F-55: medium-to-low density felt similar to F-7, good for noise reduction applications

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Die Cut Manufacturing

Die Cut Felt Gaskets from the Experts at Kelcut

Kelcut’s specialized manufacturing process allows our team of professionals to create die cut gaskets for your particular industry to the highest possible standards. We are able to machine, cut, gouge, and mold almost any shape and size of wool felt gasket for your business. Give Kelcut a call today to get more information about what we do, or to get a quote on SAE pressed wool felt gaskets.

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