Die Cut Red Rubber (SBR) Gaskets

Excellent Heat Resistance Makes Red Rubber a Popular Industrial Choice

SBR rubber is a synthetic polymer commonly called “red rubber.” SBR die cut gaskets are a popular choice in many industries, like HVAC, plumbing and construction. These affordable, flexible gaskets are conveniently available in a variety of grades. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber can manufacture custom die cut SBR gaskets in the following grades, customizable to your specific application:

  • Commercial Grade
  • Premium Grade
  • Specification Grade
  • Nylon Inserted

The standard thickness of SBR rubber ranges from 1/32” to ¼” thick, with a 75A durometer rating. Commercial grade strength ranges from 40 to 80 durometer.

Die Cut Manufacturing


Red Rubber/SBR Gasket Material Specifications



Temperature Range

-22° to 158° F

Tensile Strength

In the 600 PSI range

Resistant To:

Most moderate chemicals, alohols, aldehyds, ketones and organic acids

Affected By:

Ozone, most hydrocarbons, oil, fat, grease, and strong acids

*Values vary by grade*

SBR Rubber Is Durable and Affordable

Red rubber is an industry favorite thanks to its high resistances. Red rubber gaskets are resistant to both abrasion and heat, remaining flexible even at temperature extremes of -67° to 180° Fahrenheit. While SBR is not resistant to oil, gasoline or hydrocarbon solvents, it performs incredibly well in industrial applications which involve frequent contact with harsh chemicals, water, steam or air. Red rubber gaskets also work well on uneven flange edges and have excellent impact strength.

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber Manufactures Custom Die Cut Gaskets

For over 25 years, Kelcut has been an industry leader in manufacturing high quality, reliable die cut rubber gaskets from a variety of materials. Our custom assembly component fabrication is relied on by industry professionals from the construction to pharmaceutical fields. Our facility handles large manufacturing load orders and single part requests Let Kelcut make your SBR gaskets and you can count on the parts you need delivered on time and within budget.

Contact the die-cut SBR gasket manufacturing professionals for superior products.