Ribbed Matting

Die Cut Rubber Gaskets and Seals from Kelcut

Ribbed rubber matting is an excellent material with many anti-slip properties, and it’s often used on flooring to prevent people who work in warehouses or other industrial work environments from slipping and falling. It’s durable and is manufactured for heavy traffic in a wide variety of environments. Some other benefits of ribbed matting material include:

  • Curling/warping resistance
  • Cold resistance
  • Water/moisture resistance
  • Sound reduction
  • Pliability
  • Cushioning
  • And much more

If you’re interested in getting die cut gaskets and seals fabricated with ribbed rubber matting, contact Kelcut today for a quote on our services!

Die Cut Manufacturing

Ribbed Rubber Matting for Your Exact Application

Ribbed rubber matting can be produced in a variety of widths, densities, and thicknesses, depending on what you need it for. From washers and gaskets to sheeting and seals, ribbed rubber matting is an excellent material to have for a wide variety of applications. Kelcut Gasket & Rubber fabricates the best die cut rubber seals and gaskets for industries just like yours, and we guarantee your products will be made quickly, affordably, and to your exact specifications.

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