Die Cut Silicone Gaskets

Silicone Rubber Offers Outstanding High and Low Temperature Properties

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber has years of experience fabricating high quality die cut rubber gaskets in a wide range of materials.

Silicone rubber is often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, because it is a stable material which can be used in extreme environments. Kelcut's die cut silicone rubber gaskets retain flexibility even in extreme temperatures ranging from -55 through 300 degrees Celsius (-67 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit).

Silicone is highly inert, and does not react with most other chemicals. This makes it ideal for medical implants, and various applications where other types of rubber fall short.

Die Cut Manufacturing


Silicone Gasket Material Specifications



Temperature Range

-94° to 392° F

Tensile Strength

In the 1000 PSI range

Resistant To:

Moderate oxidizing chemicals, concrentrate sodium hydroxide and ozone

Affected By:

Concentrated acids, dilute sodium hydroxide, oils and solvents

*Values vary by grade*

Custom Rubber Gaskets

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber offers silicone rubber in a wide variety hardness levels. Typically, silicone rubber gaskets should be between 25-80 durometer, Shore A. We offer FDA approved silicone products, which can be customized for the needs of your facility.

FDA certified silicone can also be used in a selection of other industries. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Food processing plants
  • Healthcare applications
  • Medical diagnostic equipment

Durable Silicone Products from Kelcut Gasket and Rubber

Dependable die cut manufacturing and thorough quality inspections set Kelcut Gasket and Rubber apart from the completion. We have been manufacturing high quality rubber gaskets for over 30 years, ensuring you receive the highest quality components.

Contact die cut gasket manufacturers at Kelcut for high quality silicone rubber gaskets.