Synthetic Rubber/SBR

SBR (styrene-butadine rubber) Synthetic Rubber Gaskets

SBR synthetic rubber is a more affordable alternative to natural rubber products that has many other positive attributes as well.  SBR has a greater resistance to abrasion, natural wear, and water.  Industrialist everywhere have been exploring the many benefits of SBR, and Kelcut has discovered that it makes for a perfect gasket material!  Our custom die cut SBR gaskets are low cost, heavy equipment gaskets that that are virtually abrasion resistant and have excellent adhesion to metals.  They are the best, natural rubber replacement on the market making them great gaskets for a host of different commercial and industrial purposes.  

Die Cut Manufacturing

Low-cost Synthetic Rubber Gaskets for Industry

Synthetic rubber gaskets are great for many different industries, and have been used in many popular fields including:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Food Industry

We custom die cut and build all of our SRB gaskets to match your individual specifications.  It is of the upmost importance that you choose the right gasket material for whatever application you have in mind.  Improper gaskets can be easily worn, acceptable to moisture and corrosion, and epically fail when they are exposed to the elements.

Styrene-Butadine Rubber Specifications
Material Styrene-Butadine Rubber (SBR)
Temperature Range -60 - 250F
Tensile Strength 500 to 3000 PSI
Resistant To: Abrasions, cracking, impact, tearing, temperature, environment
Affected By: Strong chemicals

*Values vary by grade*

Custom Made Die Cut Gaskets

Die cut caskets are meticulously designed and made according to your specifications.  We design a product to fit your needs, and this eliminates the hassle of mass produced, one size fits all gaskets that often do more harm than good.  This is why our team of gasket experts will work directly with all of our clients to figure out what specific material you need.  We stay up to date on all of the latest gasket technology, materials, and manufacturing process.  This makes us a leading gasket manufacturer in our field, and businesses everywhere have come to depend on the quality that Kelcut has to offer.

For more information on our synthetic rubber gaskets, feel free to contact a Kelcut associate today!