Vegetable Fiber Gaskets

Custom Plant Material Gasket Manufacturing Service

Kelcut can make high quality gaskets out of plant fiber materials.  Also known as Detroiter, this material is composed of cellulose blended with protein glue and a glycerin binder. Detroiter is flexible and strong, and remains compressible under heavy pressure. It has a wide range of applications but is used predominantly in chemical and petroleum product manufacturing, and automotive industries. 

Gaskets made from this treated vegetable fiber are resistant to a much larger range of solvents than gaskets made from traditional materials, making them ideal for sealing oil. Kelcut can design and cut vegetable fiber gaskets to meet your exact specifications.

Strong, Economical Detroiter Gaskets Resist Oil and Gas

Vegetable fiber gaskets are recommended for applications where extreme heat tolerance and resistance to solvents is a must. Characteristics of vegetable fiber gaskets include:

  • Resistance to: coal tar, oil, water, alcohol, grease, air, gasoline, and any form of solvent.
  • Temperature resistance up to 250°F
  • Perfect for use in internal combustion engines
  • Extremely pliable
  • High tensile strength resists internal pressure

Detroiter works well as a general purpose flange gasket material. Detroiter gaskets are also cost-effective and easy to cut. Kelcut provides vegetable fiber gaskets in a range of thicknesses depending on the intended application, and our gasket die cutting specialists provide fast turnaround times.

Quality Vegetable Fiber Gaskets for Maximum Protection

Precision is everything in die cut gasket production. Our expertly designed, custom cut gaskets prevent fluid leakage to ensure safe and efficient machine function. Kelcut’s expert gasket manufacturers use only the best quality materials, and all our gaskets go through rigorous quality control testing.

Kelcut has over 30 years of experience providing speedy fabrication and professional design services for many industries. Call us at 262-548-9700 to find out how we can help you with prototype development services or custom gasket manufacturing!

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