Velcro Gaskets

Gasket Manufacturing with Velcro Material

Felt and fabric gaskets are suitable for a wide variety of applications, and Velcro gaskets are no different. While also being lightweight and resilient, Velcro can be used in all sorts of industries which require packing, strips, washers and spacers. Velcro also adheres to itself, making it strong and durable while also able to withstand high amounts of pressure.

The fabric gasket manufacturers at Kelcut can make high quality Velcro gaskets for your precise application. You’ll have the best gasket material for whatever you need it for – contact Kelcut today to get a quote on your next supply of Velcro gaskets.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Die Cut Gaskets at Affordable Prices

No matter what you need your Velcro gaskets for, Kelcut is sure to make them to you exact specifications. We have years of experience in die cut gasket manufacturing for companies all over the United States, and we are dedicated to providing you with unbeatable customer service and the best available prices.

Call the Velcro gasket manufacturers  at Kelcut today to get a quote on your next supply of gaskets.