FDA White Nitrile (Buna – N) Rubber

Durable Food Grade Rubber Gaskets

Kelcut Gasket and Rubber manufactures high quality, FDA approved white nitrile rubber. White nitrile is made of specialty grade materials with FDA approved ingredients meeting the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 177.2600 regulations. It’s non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-marking. All Nitrile rubber has an incredible resistance to abrasion and oil or greased based substances. Although specifically designed for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing industries, White Nitrile is approved by the USDA and the FDA for meat and poultry processing.

Die Cut Manufacturing

White Nitrile Gasket Specifications

White Nitrile has a durometer rating of 60 and can withstand temperature extremes ranging from -31° to 230° Fahrenheit. It’s also available in a variety of thickness levels. Kelcut can customize the gasket thickness to your specific application. Typically, we die cut rubber gaskets of white nitrile between 1/16” and ¼”. White Nitrile gaskets feature a long lifespan, making them a top pick throughout the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  White Nitrile Gasket Material Specifications
Material White Nitrile-Butadiene
Temperature Range -31° - 230° F
Tensile Strength In the 1000 PSI range
Resistant To: Oils, abrasive materials, and grease
Affected By: High temperatures and hot liquid applications

*Values vary by grade*

High Quality, Custom White Nitrile Gaskets

Since 1985, Kelcut Gasket and Rubber has been setting the industry standard for top quality, custom die cut rubber gaskets. We provide superior fabricated gaskets for a wide variety of industries and provide custom assembly component fabrication services. Kelcut continues to provide personalized customer service for each of our clients, working closely to create custom tailored solutions for die cut gasket, component slitting and assembly product fabrication needs.

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