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Non-Metallic Die Cut Gasket Experts

Kelcut’s manufacturing experience covers a broad range of options in non-metallic gaskets and other die cut components, including high-tech synthetic films and traditional cellulose materials. Our company’s expertise makes our team of professionals a valuable partner for customers seeking the materials which best suit the performance needs of a particular application. 

Die Cut Manufacturing

Types of Film & Fabric Gaskets for Industrial Applications

Depending on the industry you work in, different film and fabric gasket materials are required for each different type of application. Below are a few examples from among the complete list of gasket fabrication materials Kelcut offers. These materials illustrate the benefits of each type of film or fabric for whatever the job may be.

Polyester films (including Mylar) 

Polyester gaskets have exceptional dielectric strength, reliable durability at high temperatures, and easy long-term usage. This material is often used in a laminated form with traditional fiber or rubber components, and a lot of our specialty gaskets are made from a wide array of different materials, including paper and cork. Mylar especially is useful for chemical resistant applications. 


Non-asbestos gaskets are often composed of fibers known for high chemical stability and heat resistance. These gaskets also have creep resistance, high torque retention and good anti-stick properties, making it useful for resisting most types of acids.

Cellulose/rubber materials

Rubber die cut gaskets are useful for a wide variety of applications, and cellulose gaskets in particular are a blend of cellulose fibers in a synthetic rubber binder. They are ideal for light-to-medium duty applications which require a compressible material with excellent chemical resistance.

Coated products

Coated gaskets are made from a core material of vulcanized fiber, coated with nitrile (Buna N) rubber. These types of gaskets are best for applications in need of superior surface sealing properties.

Vulcanized fiber

Vulcanized fiber transforms traditional cellulose material into a dense, tough substance. This material resists abrasion and offers mechanical and dielectric strength and support for whatever application it’s used for.

Vegetable fiber

Vegetable fiber gasket material is a low-cost material suitable for many general purposes. A variety of types are available which combine fiber and other binding materials (including glue-glycerin, cork and fungus-resistant additives). It’s especially useful for automotive applications due to its natural resistance to oils and fuels.

Our Film, Fabric and Paper Gasket Materials Include:

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