Safety Treads

Get Safety Treads Made from Pressure Sensitive Adhesives at KelcutPressure Sensitive Adhesive Safety Treads

Kelcut Gasket & Rubber fabricates the best, most high-quality pressure sensitive adhesives for safety tread covers. Floors, staircases, stepstools, and even ladders can benefit from having rubber safety treads on them, especially when you work in high-traffic areas. Kelcut’s pressure sensitive adhesives are specially-designed to instantly bond to the surface of whatever it touches, and is guaranteed to last for as long as you need them to. If you ever need to take the safety treads off, you can easily remove them without leaving a residue.

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Die Cut Manufacturing

Professional-Grade Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Your Business

Trust the professionals at Kelcut Gasket & Rubber to fabricate the best, most high-quality PSAs for your particular business. For decades, Kelcut has been a leading manufacturer in die cut rubber and acrylic gaskets, seals, and pressure sensitive adhesives. Our products are always cost-effective and made of the highest quality materials, ensuring your safety treads will stick to whatever surface you put them on.

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