Crush Cutting

Professional Crush Cutting Services from Kelcut Gasket & RubberCrush cutting services

Crush cutting is a process of slitting gaskets which involves passing a gasket material between a blade and a hardened roll, also known as a sleeve. These slitting blades have round edges rather than sharp ones, and they can ensure longer run-times since they “crush” rather than slice through gasket materials. This type of gasket slitting is useful for softer gasket materials, including:

The professionals at Kelcut offer professional crush cutting services for businesses throughout the United States. No matter if you need fabricating, die cutting or slitting services for your industrial gaskets, our team of experts is here to help.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Slitting Services for Foam and Fabric Gaskets

Kelcut Gasket & Rubber offers a wide range of slitting and cutting services for a wide variety of gasket materials. Some of our gasket slitting services include:

  • Crush cutting - For foams, felt and some types of plastics and films.
  • Razor cuts - For thin films and delicate materials.
  • Shear slitting - For paper, films, and other materials.
  • Rotary slitting - For exceptional accuracy and width flexibility

Kelcut Gasket & Rubber is your company’s number one resource for gasket services such as crush cutting. Our gasket professionals have years of experience manufacturing high-quality gaskets with a wide variety of materials, and they are here to provide you with all your die cut gasket fabrication needs.

Contact the gasket slitting professionals at Kelcut today to get a quote for our services.