Kel Cushion - Foam Padded Safety Strips

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Foam Padded Safety StripsHeavy-duty machinery is a potential hazard for any business. Not only can employees be injured by moving parts, but low hanging components or edges can result in head injuries and bruised limbs. Keep your employees safe and minimize potential work-related injuries by applying Kel-Cushion to all your overhanging machinery, support beams, and hard surfaces.

Whether you see it or not, Kel-Cushion protects your employees from hazardous edges, low clearances, and dangerous equipment.  In addition to the eye-catching yellow or yellow/black color, the universally recognized sign of a potential hazard, Kel-Cushion's elastomeric foam minimizes the bumped heads, bruised arms, and hurt legs inherent in industrial workplace settings. Choose the pressure sensitive adhesive padded safety product which both alerts and protects: Kel-Cushion.

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Safety Stripping

StairsThe secret to Kel-Cushion is the specially formulated adhesive on the back. The initial tack is low enough to permit repositioning, yet adheres to other surfaces with surprisingly long-lasting persistence, even to extreme angles or rough surfaces. This industrial padding adheres to a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Tile
  • Wallboard
  • Wood

This ensures that Kel Cushion has a long-lasting stick for even the roughest of surfaces. No matter what material you stick it to, Kel Cushion will protect you, and since its pressure sensitive, it’s easy to handle. Just add pressure then you’re done. If the angle isn’t quite right, remove it and try again. Nothing’s easier.

When you need edge protection, it doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outside. Kel Cushion is designed to be used in a variety of temperatures. Safety doesn’t stop at the door.  Kelcut has been minimizing work-related accidents with decades of adhesive manufacturing and application experience. 

Kel-Cushion Safety Strips are available in:

  • 3/8" Thickness
  • 2" or 4" Wide
  • 36" In Length

Kel-Cushion is packaged for quick, simple, and successful sales in hardware, home improvement, or contractor supply stores and businesses. Interested parties may purchase our high-quality safety padding in peggable, UPC-ready form for retail sales, or in bulk as a catalog item or OEM product.

Experience the difference padded safety stripping can make for your business.

Contact the professional safety padding manufacturing experts at Kelcut to order a Kel-Cushion sample or to request details on retail possibilities.