Kelcut Gasket & Rubber Service Areas

Nationwide Gasket Manufacturing & Design

Kelcut fabricates dependable die cut gaskets to keep production lines and engines running smoothly. Our gaskets can be manufactured from a variety of materials, from rubber to cork. We deliver both small and large volume orders for the following industries:

Whether you need a fuel supply gasket for an engine or EPDM rubber seals for a dairy, our specialists will help determine the right product material and type for your company. Our services include:

Nationwide Custom Gasket Fabrication Services

Fabrication, Die Cutting & Slitting Services in Your Area

Wherever you are in the U.S., Kelcut Gasket & Rubber can keep your machinery leak-free with quality die-cut gaskets. While we’re based in the Midwest, our services extend nationwide. These are just a few of the states we serve:

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1. More Precise than Pre-Made Gaskets  One reason custom gaskets are superior to pre-made production-line gaskets is that they are measured precisely for your machine or device to give you the most optimal fit possible. At Kelcut, we make Chlor...

Rubber is the most common plastic material used to make Gaskets. Kelcut creates die-cut gaskets for a wide range of industries and applications. Gaskets are used in so many devices and appliances that it’s unlikely you go a single day without i...