Illinois Die Cut Gasket Manufacturing

Die cut gaskets and adhesives are crucial to any production process. Keep your manufacturing machinery safe with quality seals that prevent fluids and gases from leaking. Smooth-running machinery means less downtime and more production runs. Kelcut's engineers can even provide design and prototyping services for a customized solution.

Chicago, Illinois Die Cut Gasket Manufacturer

We provide the following services for OEM companies and after market companies in Illinois:

Gasket Materials for Chicago Factories & Manufacturers

Kelcut uses steel dies to die cut a wide range of materials.Our most common gasket materials include:

In addition to die cutting, we also provide waterjet, flash and laser cutting services. Kelcut even provides kiss cutting for pressure sensitive adhesives.

Die Cut Manufacturing

Illinois Die Cutting Industries

Manufacturing and food processing are vital industries in the Chicago economy. Here's a few industries that benefit from Kelcut's die cutting services:

Chicago's Best Gaskets

Kelcut Gasket & Rubber has been keeping the machinery and engines of Illinois running smoothly for over 30 years. With no minimum order requirement, we are capable of both small and large-scale production runs. Our engineers work closely with customers to find the best design for their gasket or assembly componant. Our non-metallic gaskets provide air-tight seals and renowned reliability. Elimate production errors with a custom die cut gasket made at exact specifications.

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1. More Precise than Pre-Made Gaskets  One reason custom gaskets are superior to pre-made production-line gaskets is that they are measured precisely for your machine or device to give you the most optimal fit possible. At Kelcut, we make Chlor...

Rubber is the most common plastic material used to make Gaskets. Kelcut creates die-cut gaskets for a wide range of industries and applications. Gaskets are used in so many devices and appliances that it’s unlikely you go a single day without i...